EFL Tigers - CRIME

Angolos ötletek - 2013. január 20.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

Here comes a list of materials, websites, handouts, videos, infographics, interacive materials, games and a lot more on the topic of CRIME . Please feel free to download and use anything you find here. Also, share the website with colleagues if you feel it's worthy :) Thanks and happy browsing from Tibor Prievara!

1) As a warmer to the topic of crimes, students are invited to write down and tell a lie to their partner: http://sdrv.ms/YKVQZg

2) You can find some strange coincidences between the lives of Lincoln and Kennedy. The level is intermediate and the passive structures can also be illustrated or practiced. The sentences can be handed out to students, who need to find their pair, or small groups may receive different sentences and then tell each other what they’ve read. In the end the strangest coincidences can be voted on: http://sdrv.ms/UG9G18

3 A short story by O Henry discusses the problem of a petty criminal who wants to go to jail for the winter. It contains a gap-fill task, some intro questions and a reading task, and students may be asked to write the ending of the story: http://sdrv.ms/UBqJAy

4) A strange case in British legal history for practicing vocabulary mostly for upper-intermediate learners or above: http://sdrv.ms/S3hF9n

5)Vocabulary of crime and introductory discussion for upper-intermediate learners: http://sdrv.ms/S3hISH

6) Vocabulary of crime and more discussion for advanced learners: http://sdrv.ms/UBqSUy

7) Rules and laws in life with some introductory questions, websites with strange rules from around the world and a complete lesson plan introducing a new rule in China: http://sdrv.ms/UiV2uJ

8) An episode of Friends related to crime. In this episode Phoebe and Ross are mugged on the street and it turns out that Phoebe used to be a mugger herself. The handout contains parts of the script with useful expressions and their Hungarian translation, and discussion questions: http://sdrv.ms/VgUAww

9) Here is a great interactive timeline on gun control in the USA.

10) Check out the global terrorism index here.

11) Dispel some myths on cyber-bullying through this article. You can also collect some of the 'myths' the article is supposed to debunk and have a discussion.

12) 101 strangest laws from around the world. A fun reading that can be easily converted into a communicative activity.

13) There are 20 visualisations to better understand crime. It's a great one to discuss graphs and figures.

14) How does it feel to be in prison. Read this: A day in the life of an inmate.

15) Whodunnit? This is a great 1:55-minute long video to test students' observation skills. Watch it, it's really funny and also useful (contrast past and present, or practise 'used to'). Here it is.