Munkamániásak vagyunk? (A2)

Angolos ötletek - 2010. szeptember 26.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

A tananyag a Beszélt Angol Videó Archívum (BAVA, barátoknak SEVA is) legújabb anyaga, ami végre A2 szinten is elérhető! A téma a munkamánia, és mivel ezúttal a videó picit rövidebb, megtoldottuk egy kvízzel, amiből egy-kettőre kiderül, a kedves felhasználó vajon munkamániás-e vagy sem. Hát hajrá!


Workaholics - Interactive module

Title Are you a workaholic?
Language Listening/Reading/Vocabulary
Level Pre-intermediate
Time needed 30-35 mins
What you can learn In this module, you can first watch a video where a British girl is talking about whether she's a workaholic, then we have a quiz for you to find out if YOU are a workaholic! We analyse your result,and then it's your turn to show us how much you've learnt from the video and the quiz - our interactive exercises test you on the words and expressions.
What you need on your computer

Macromedia Flash Player (to view the interactive exercise)

Microsoft Word (to download material as a handout)

Teacher's note

This is a lesson about workaholics, providing ample practice for a number of skills, especially in listening as there's a video about the topic of being a workaholic, and reading, because the lesson also contains a quiz that helps students decide if they themselves are workaholic. The vocabulary of all this input can be practiced in our learning game and quiz at the end of the module.

You can download the lesson as a handout (.doc) as well as an interactive module (.swf)

Download lesson

- You can download the lesson here. (.doc)

- You can download the interactive module here. (.swf)