Angolos ötletek - 2012. december 26.

Írta: Prievara Tibor

Here comes a list of materials, websites, handouts, videos, infographics, interacive materials, games and a lot more on the topic of FAMILY / SOCIETY / RELATIONSHIPS. Please feel free to download and use anything you find here. Also, share the website with colleagues if you feel it's worthy :) Thanks and happy browsing from Tibor Prievara!

Talking about holiday songs, this is Denis Leary's take on life ... titled 'Life's gonna suck when you grow up'. Not for classroom use :)

Little children, big challenges (this is Sesame streets meets divorce). Videos, interactives and more ... make sure watch the video at the bottom!

Interesting series by the BBC: Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. I edited one of two episodes and discussed the issues raised. Funnily enough, most students were shocked to see roma youth speaking much better English than themselves :) So, here is the link to the whole series on Free TV


Here is a SMART Notebook material on Family - with audio where a native speaker of English talks about his family. (B1)

This is a whole book on body language.

This is a material I've developed and used many a time, it's called From rags to riches - it has a set of rolecards on some famous peole's lives who started out really poor - use it to create a communication gap exercise - takes at least 30 minutes and produces plenty of language.

This ia a SMART Notebook file and lesson plan on Teenagers. (B1)

This is another SMART Notebook file on gender differences - Men and Women. (B2 and above)

Yet another SMART Notebook material on Personality. Plenty of interaction, plenty of language produced.

Love is all you need - interactive SMART Notebook material at B1 level.

Dating - video and interactive exercises in this SMART Notebook material!

Miniature Earth - a lesson plan based on the animation (B2 - SMART Notebook file)

SMART Notebook material on the Milgram experiment with video and exercises (B2 and above)

SMART Notebook material with plenty of audio on the topic of Family - questions, recorded answers and a lot more.

This is an easy vocabulary game on members of the family (A1-A2). Fun to use, but the lack of apostrophes is a little disturbing, make sure your students write father's, not fathers.

Tons of conversation questions on the topic of 'Family', from ITESLJ.

Match the descriptions with the families - A1+, from Britishcouncil.org (PDF)

Download printable flashcards of basic family vocabulary from ESL-kids.com HERE.

A great basic memory game with family vocabulary.

This is an intermediate listening activity from Randall's ESL-lab on parenting.

This is an advanced listening activity from Randall's ESL-lab on picking your babysitter.

This is a great interactive family tree game (A1+).

The smiley dictionary - in case you need an update.

Future me - write to your future self and have the letter sent to you on a specific date.

First world problems - these are funny problems the rich world has. Here is a page with the PICTURE search results of 'first world problems'. It is fun but also an eye-opener to many of my students. Also, check out this First world problem creator.

This is a collection of hundreds of cartoons on family issues (if you can see past the comic sans that is being used for the captions :)